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Exposure times

I decided not to add a second coating to my dyed paper for the simple reason that the sun was out. So I quickly put everything together in my contact print frame and put it in a nice sunny spot.

Blackberry & wine getting some sun

The one on the left is the red wine reduction, the one on the right is the blackberry dye. I left it there for about two hours. Taking the frame back inside, I had a little accident and about everything blackberry related dropped out. The red wine negative and paper stayed in place. This gave me the perfect opportunity to get an exclusive preview and yes, there was something going on already. The exposed parts were bleached a little bit compared to where the dark parts of the positive transparency blocked the light. Very subtle, but definitely something happening. Because it was still so subtle, I decided to just mount the negative and paper more or less like they were and ignore the accident. The sun hasn’t been out since then, but I think about 3 good sunny days should be enough for the exposure.


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