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Anthotype 1

A bit of an anticlimax, really. But nothing that was unexpected. My first two anthotypes came out nearly blank. Here they are:

If you watch closely, there's a vague image ! Really !

Blackberry is on the left, wine reduction on the right. As you can see, there’s not too much to see. There is hardly anything discernible in the blackberry image and in the wine image, you can only barely make out the lantern and the windows. Good ! Encouraging, actually. So what did we learn ?

  • We need more exposure than about 4 cloudy days with just a few hours of sunshine. Probably an array of UV lights would help, particularly with the days shortening.
  • High contrast seems to work well, so we have to select an image that consists of nearly only black and white areas.

Next attempt, I’ll pick a very high contrast image. Also up next: elderberry, redcurrant and coffee dyes !


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