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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Anthotype 2

I just put my second batch of anthotype attempts up for exposure. There will be 4 variations:

  • blackberry, regular positive
  • blackberry, retouched positive
  • wine reduction, regular positive
  • wine reduction, retouched positive

The “positives” are now printed on regular paper. I’m hoping the white area will let through sufficient UV. Otherwise, I’ll have to revert to those crappy transparencies. For the “retouched positives”, I darkened the black areas by hand with a retouching pen (basically an extremely thin brush) and Pelican black ink. These are a bit experimental because the laser printer toner seems to repel the water based Pelican ink, so the result is a bit blobby in places. We’ll see.

Wine cellar, wine attic

I double-coated all “photo paper” this time for better contrast, except for the wine reduction with a regular positive because I ran out of wine reduction. There’s more in the freezer but that’s for the next attempts.

The wine reduction anthotypes can be seen in the photo. The blackberry ones are still drying. I may have to add another coating because there’s a few spots due to drying. They’ll be put up for exposure as soon as they’re ready and dry.


Got my scanner working

I finally got my scanner working thanks to an overstock of power supplies at my day job, one of which happened to be exactly the type for my scanner. Here are a few scans:

First scan: to show how crappy the laser printer is when printing on transparencies. The heat completely ruined the darker areas. Also, I put a black rectangle on the left to indicate how little contrast the print has: the two people should be about as dark.

Crappy laser printer transparency

Second scan: the blackberry anthotype. Very little to see on this print. It’s clear that the exposure wasn’t long enough because even the parts outside of the negative are still quite dark.

Blackberry anthotype 1

Third scan: the wine reduction anthotype. A bit more visible. Higher contrast negatives (particularly darker blacks) and a longer exposure should help.

Wine reduction anthotype 1

A friend of mine gave me the hint to stick a negative + dyed paper to our roof window, which is oriented south. I can easily leave it there for a much longer time, there are no trees or buildings blocking the view and it’s safe from rain. Great tip ! Thanks, Dirk !

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