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Anthotype 2

I just put my second batch of anthotype attempts up for exposure. There will be 4 variations:

  • blackberry, regular positive
  • blackberry, retouched positive
  • wine reduction, regular positive
  • wine reduction, retouched positive

The “positives” are now printed on regular paper. I’m hoping the white area will let through sufficient UV. Otherwise, I’ll have to revert to those crappy transparencies. For the “retouched positives”, I darkened the black areas by hand with a retouching pen (basically an extremely thin brush) and Pelican black ink. These are a bit experimental because the laser printer toner seems to repel the water based Pelican ink, so the result is a bit blobby in places. We’ll see.

Wine cellar, wine attic

I double-coated all “photo paper” this time for better contrast, except for the wine reduction with a regular positive because I ran out of wine reduction. There’s more in the freezer but that’s for the next attempts.

The wine reduction anthotypes can be seen in the photo. The blackberry ones are still drying. I may have to add another coating because there’s a few spots due to drying. They’ll be put up for exposure as soon as they’re ready and dry.


3 responses to “Anthotype 2

  1. JR 6 September 2011 at 03:44

    Howdy. Any updates on the process? I’m just getting started with anthotypes (started my first red wine print today) and wanted to hear about what you were finding to work/not work.

    • Peter Leyssens 6 September 2011 at 10:44

      Hello Jonathan,

      Thanks for your interest in my little project ! The exposure on the roof window failed in a major way, because the stack of papers started weighing down. As a consequence, they didn’t stay tightly together. So any light passing through the “positive” was dispersed before it hit my wine/blackberry papers. The parts that did stay together show much more detail than I expected, though. But I now know why people use a contact print frame: to press the papers together because otherwise it just doesn’t work.

      Also, the tape I used to stick them to the roof window, gave up and most of my work was on the floor when I went to check after about a week.

      I’ll try to scan some of the “results” and post them.

      In two weeks’ time, I’m going to an introductory course on digital negatives, cyanotypes and kallitypes.


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